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How To Use Female Psychology To Make Her Love You Again: The Easy Way To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back

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With all of the problems that arise in relationships, don't you think girls should be taught about men in school? You often hear men say, men are so hard to understand. But, in reality, men are very simple creatures. They just think differently than women. That is why you need to know how to use female psychology to make her love you again.
Stop and think about this woman who you find so hard to understand. her mother who was a woman raised her and she did not have any trouble understanding him. When you first met her and made her fall in love with you, she wasn't hard to understand. Your instincts told you to play hard to get and make her chase you.
The problem is, since she broke up with you if you follow those same instincts you may lose her forever. That is because you are letting your emotions control your instincts. You are doing the chasing and she is playing hard to get. You need to forget your instincts right now and use female psychology to turn things back to where they should be.
The easy way to get your ex girlfriend back, is to make her chase you again. But, she won't chase you as long as you are chasing him. You have to play hard to get again. Stop chasing your ex girlfriend and have no contact with her for a few weeks. Let her experience her life with out you. That is the only way she is going to begin to miss you.
Male psychology will teach you that men always want what they can't have and don't want what is easy. By throwing yourself at her and telling her you cannot live without him, you are making yourself easy. But if you stop trying to get her back and ignore him, you will seem more unattainable again. That is what attracted her to you when she first met you.
In fact you might have loved her so much you drove her away. When you become deeply in love with someone it is easy to smother them. Men need a certain amount of freedom and if you were too demanding of her time, she might have needed some air. By acting as if you accept the breakup and you are moving on, you are showing her the independent woman she fell in love with.
Since she has had time to think and miss you, seeing you making a life without him, will make her take notice. Your ex girlfriend will realize that other girls will be interested in you too. When she begins to realize she could lose you, things will be back in their proper order. Your ex girlfriend will be chasing you again and you can play hard to get for a while. By using female psychology, you have taken the easy way to get your ex girlfriend back.

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