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Qatar Airways cargo recruitment

Latest Jobs in Qatar Airways Cargo

Job Title Job Destination
Cargo Network Compliance Officer Qatar | Doha
Senior Cargo Agent Canada | Montreal
Cargo Global Key Account Manager Qatar | Doha
Cargo Operations Officer Singapore | Singapore
Cargo Officer China | Shanghai
Cargo Operations Agent Saudi Arabia | Damman
Lead Analyst-Cargo Network Planning Qatar | Doha
Officer Quality and Training USA |Fort Lauderdale
Cargo Agent China | Shanghai
Lead Flight Sourcing Analyst Qatar | Doha
Senior Cargo Sales Executive USA | Dallas
Cargo Operations Supervisor UK | London
Lead Cargo Quality Operations Officer Qatar | Doha
Senior Cargo Agent Turkey | Istanbul
Cargo Pricing Analyst Qatar | Doha
Manager Regional Cargo Sales Kenya | Nairobi
Cargo Operations Officer Egypt | Cairo
Cargo Operations Supervisor Europe | Luxembourg
Senior Cargo Operations Agent Europe | Luxembourg
Cargo Flight Analyst Qatar | Doha
Cargo Sales Executive Belgium | Brussels
Senior Cargo Sales & Services Agent Belgium | Brussels
Cargo Services Agent Germany | Frankfurt
Senior Cargo Customer Services Agent Germany | Frankfurt
Senior Cargo Reservations Agent Germany | Frankfurt
Senior Cargo Operations Agent India | Chennai
Senior Cargo Agent Saudi Arabia | Medina

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  • Alemu Lelisa Added i am working ethiopian shipping & logistic service enterprise for five years in d/f working expriase 1.terminal suppervisor 2.billing officer 4.get control &5.the notification of cargo

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