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  • 7 Things That Make A Guy Irresistible To Girl

    Dear boys,

    We know that you try really hard to convince us and may be harder to have a better hold on us but often than not things don’t work in your favor and you end up turning off the lady’s interest.So, here I have come to your rescue.

    1.The way you smell

    Yes! Yes! Yes! This is the most imperative one and there is no escaping from it. Although, the cologne advertisements go pretty much beyond the actual effect but the concept is undeniably true. A man who smells good clearly wins half the battle.



    2.Sense of dress

    Of course! You are no more into high school and neither would the ‘high school musical’ series would help. Please dress up like a man and when I say like a man, I mean dress up decently, smartly and most significantly classy. No more cartoon T-shirts or any stupid code printed ones, especially for a date. An official date has to be formal.



    3.Sense of humor

    It does wonders, trust me. If you can make the girl laugh, you have pretty much done your part. Here, I mean, in a unembroidered sense, ‘be funny and spontaneous’. More specifically, it’s not just about those Facebook trolls or any classroom jokes, it has to be in the moment; just be in the moment.





    Well, well, well Guys. Yes, the girls want equality and we are feminists, but chivalry never goes out of fashion. Holding the door for your lady or pulling the chair for her isn’t going off track ever. It is in there since the breaking dawn and will be till eternity.




    Boys, let us get this straight – if you are confident about yourselves, the girl too will be. I mean you don’t have to make a fool out of yourself by pretending to know anything and everything but expressing your opinions about things you actually know is enough to impress.




    Most girls, including me, are sapiosexual i.e. they are literally attracted to intelligence. There’s nothing sexier than a man who knows things and can talk sense. If you can hold an intelligent conversation with a girl, you will make your way to her mind and sooner or later to her heart.




    Lastly, of course, the topping; the cherry on the cake – ‘be romantic’. Ask her out on a date, buy her flowers and chocolates, take her for long drives, complement her, as in use all your jazzy moves but make sure everything is smooth and not overdone, as the saying goes, an excess of anything is bad. For e.g., there is nothing worse than a fake compliment, especially to a scorpion (ya! that’s me :p).


    Finally, If you manage to involve everything, as I have mentioned above, in the right proportion, there would not be any disappointment. Also, since every girl is different, there would be differences in the approach as well.

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  • What Kind of Woman You're Dating According To In Which Month She Was Born?



    According to the month you are born you can find out what are your characteristics.
    Ladies that are born in January are remarkably ambitious, but rather serious and conservative. Women born in this month are prone to be very critical, yet they don’t want to talk about their own feelings. They let to approach them only people that are on the same intellectual level with them and that share the same views on life.FEBRUARY
    February females are very romantic, and you need to treat them with patience. Not every person can understand them, due to their changing mood. These women have a slightly abstract way of thinking. You need to know that if you betray them, you are never going to see them again.
    Women born in March have strong charisma and charm. They are very loyal and dedicated. These ladies are hard to fall in love. They are also very cute until you upset them.  But, to live with a person that is born in March is a real pleasure.
    April-born females are diplomats and they can interact quite easily with every person. At times, they know to pity themselves. Most of them are very jealous, and if it happens to burst, it better for you to move away.  The April girl is going to make you the happiest man on Earth. They open their soul to those who earn their trust and try not to lose it.
    May women are very persistent and loyal to the principles they have. They are also very attractive, and combined with their difficult character, they can become dangerous to any man that falls in love with them. This is the reason why you are going to remember them as long as they are alive.
    These are very curious girls, communicative and creative. Their flaw is they speak before they think. June women think that it’s better to tell the truth in the face, than to speak from the back. Also, they are very dangerous players in love and very often men become a toy in their hands.
    Ladies born in July are very honest, mysterious, beautiful and very intelligent. They don’t want conflicts and are very polite to everyone. Besides, you can easily lose them forever, but if you cheat on them they will never forget.
    This is a unique combination of self-centeredness and great heart. You should try to not mess with these ladies, as sooner or later she will win. Women born in August have an exceptional sense of humor, but they don’t like being mocked. If this happens, you will not be aware what hit you. They always want to be the center of the attention and never suffer from the attention of men. In their presence men lose their heads.
    Born in September, these ladies are kind, disciplined, and beautiful.  They never forgive those who will betray them. Therefore, you should be careful not to hurt them as they will seek revenge. These women want long relationships, which mean that they are not girls for only one night. On the other hand, they are very critical and they have high expectations of their partners. The man who would prove, will win.
    Ladies born in October have strong character. They are very emotional, but they don’t cry in front of other people. They are very smart, and don’t open their soul to everyone, as they think that people tend to abuse it. The other women very often hate them since they envy them.
    November ladies are always one step ahead of the others, and they can very easy recognize a lie. You shouldn’t play with these women since you will get the worst end of it. About these women you need to know  that if you are ready to hear the truth, you should never ask them for their opinion.
    The ladies born in December can be very impatient, but lucky, since they always find a way to get out of any situation as winners.  These women know how to lift the mood. They have an open heart.  They are disposed to be hurt a lot, but since God is on their side, at the end these females get what they deserve.

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  • 8 Types of Woman You Should Never Get Married Too


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  • 9 Places To Touch And To Make Her Go Crazy For You!

    Besides the vag&na, butt, and breasts, there are some other areas that can arouse women and make them crazy for you. Men should know what these areas are because women can sense please all over their body. Touch these areas as foreplay or to relax your girl after a hard day at work.


    1. The nape of the neck was regarded as very attractive by men in ancient Japan because it was one of the few places on women’s body that were “naked”. Notice the reaction of your female partner after kissing her lightly on the nape of her neck.

    2. Women with a well defined clavicle are very s#xy. You should show how much you appreciate that with gently touches and kisses. Unbutton her shirt enough to reveal the clavicle. Also, you can pay more attention to this area while having s#x.

    3. Place your hand on her shoulder, but don’t be too pushy. Also, you can show you protect her by placing your hand against the small of the back. When alone, kiss or lick her spine and kiss the small of her back to make her crazy for you.

    4. A mistake men make is not paying more attention to the area behind woman’s knee. It is a mistake because this area is very sensitive and caressing it will arouse her.

    5. Make your woman go crazy for you by touching, kissing or lightly biting her earlobes. Also, you can try nibbling around the outside of the rest of her ear.

    6. By tracing your finger along her palm, no matter if you are alone or in public, you show your affection and caring for your partner.

    7. There is nothing more pleasing than a foot massage, especially after a long and tiring day. Grab some massage oil or lotion and massage her ankles, toes and the sides of her feet.

    8. Women visit a hairstylist not only because they want their hair to be beautiful, but also because hands are gently running through her hair. So, this means you can try this pleasure too. Using your fingers start to massage her temples and move to the nape of her neck.

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  • Breaking: A huge accident around Semit area

    An accident involving a Sinotruck vehicle has just occurred in Semit area. It is unclear if there are any casualties at the moment. We managed to capture a couple of photos from the scene as people started to gather around.



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