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  • Women do this one thing far more than their male partners during wesib







    A whopping 88% of women admitted that they were louder than their partners during love-making

    Women are far noisier than men when they are having seks , according to a new survey.

    A whopping 88% of women admitted that they were louder than their partners during love-making.

    And 64% of men polled also confirmed that their female lovers drowned them out when they were getting intimate.

    With Wimbledon just weeks away, the survey found that seks is like tennis - with women making all the noise.

    Making a racket in the sack adds to the fun for most couples.

    Seven out of ten men (71%) said they liked it when their partner made noise during seks.

    GettyCouple sharing intimate momentSeven out of 10 men said they liked it when their partners made noise during seks
    Almost as many women (62%) said they enjoyed it when their men audibly expressed pleasure during seks.

    The findings were revealed in a poll of 1,000 people by, Britain's leading dating website for married people.

    It found that 59% of men and 57% of women had been overheard having seks because they were making so much noise.

    A further 65% of men and 63% of women had heard other couples during love-making.

    Married men and women who are unfaithful are quieter when making love to their spouse than they are with their lover.

    Six out of ten women (62%) and 72% of men said they did make more noise in bed when they were cheating.

    Scientists say there is no reason why women should be noisier than men - either in bed or on the tennis court. spokesman Christian Grant said: "Noisy seks tends to be an individual thing.

    Some people scream the house down at a concert, others watch without making a sound. It doesn't mean they're not enjoying it as much!

    "One theory might be that since women fake it more often than men do, perhaps they feel obliged to provide 'evidence' that they're enjoying themselves?

    "It is interesting that people having affairs make more noise when having seks with their lovers than they do with their married partners.

    "All evidence suggests that this is because the seks is more exciting when you having an affair.

    "Most people who stay in a marriage while cheating on their partner say they end up straying because their seks life at home has become staid and boring."


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  • 7 Things That Make A Guy Irresistible To Girl

    Dear boys,

    We know that you try really hard to convince us and may be harder to have a better hold on us but often than not things don’t work in your favor and you end up turning off the lady’s interest.So, here I have come to your rescue.

    1.The way you smell

    Yes! Yes! Yes! This is the most imperative one and there is no escaping from it. Although, the cologne advertisements go pretty much beyond the actual effect but the concept is undeniably true. A man who smells good clearly wins half the battle.



    2.Sense of dress

    Of course! You are no more into high school and neither would the ‘high school musical’ series would help. Please dress up like a man and when I say like a man, I mean dress up decently, smartly and most significantly classy. No more cartoon T-shirts or any stupid code printed ones, especially for a date. An official date has to be formal.



    3.Sense of humor

    It does wonders, trust me. If you can make the girl laugh, you have pretty much done your part. Here, I mean, in a unembroidered sense, ‘be funny and spontaneous’. More specifically, it’s not just about those Facebook trolls or any classroom jokes, it has to be in the moment; just be in the moment.





    Well, well, well Guys. Yes, the girls want equality and we are feminists, but chivalry never goes out of fashion. Holding the door for your lady or pulling the chair for her isn’t going off track ever. It is in there since the breaking dawn and will be till eternity.




    Boys, let us get this straight – if you are confident about yourselves, the girl too will be. I mean you don’t have to make a fool out of yourself by pretending to know anything and everything but expressing your opinions about things you actually know is enough to impress.




    Most girls, including me, are sapiosexual i.e. they are literally attracted to intelligence. There’s nothing sexier than a man who knows things and can talk sense. If you can hold an intelligent conversation with a girl, you will make your way to her mind and sooner or later to her heart.




    Lastly, of course, the topping; the cherry on the cake – ‘be romantic’. Ask her out on a date, buy her flowers and chocolates, take her for long drives, complement her, as in use all your jazzy moves but make sure everything is smooth and not overdone, as the saying goes, an excess of anything is bad. For e.g., there is nothing worse than a fake compliment, especially to a scorpion (ya! that’s me :p).


    Finally, If you manage to involve everything, as I have mentioned above, in the right proportion, there would not be any disappointment. Also, since every girl is different, there would be differences in the approach as well.

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