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  • The Most Peaceful Countries in Africa, 2016

    • Here Are the Most Peaceful Countries in Africa in 2016

      Here Are the Most Peaceful Countries in Africa in 2016

    • According to the 2016 Global Peace Index these countries are ranked based on three indicators: the level of safety, security and the extent of domestic and international conflict and the degree of militarisation.

    • Have you been longing for a peaceful country where you can spend a holiday with your friends or families without hearing the sound of a bomb in the middle of the night or protesters disturbing your peace during the day?

      The answers are not in the moon or sun. They are right before you. 

      Here are the 10 most peaceful countries in Africa.

      According to the 2016 Global Peace Index, these countries are ranked based on three indicators: the level of safety, security and the extent of domestic and international conflict and the degree of militarization. 

      1. Mauritius

      Here’s the first country. This volcanic island nation has positioned itself as a trusted platform in terms of estate planning and wealth management. The country parades multi-ethnic and multicultural people. Won’t you like to experience the rich African culture at its peak? Then a visit to this country is non-negotiable. According to the 2016 Global Peace Index, the country is the 23rd most peaceful country free from either internal or external conflict.

      2. Botswana

      Though relatively a small country, I bet this is another peaceful terrain you can’t afford to miss. In 2013, Positive Peace Index ranked Botswana the best governed country in Africa. The constitution of this mid-sized nation protects its citizens and represents their rights. Recently, the 2016 Global Peace Index ranked Botswana as the second most peaceful countries in Africa. It ranked 28th in the world. Impressive, right?

      3. Madagascar

      This large island nation is a semi-presidential representative democratic republic. You’ll find medical centers, hospitals and dispensaries all over the country. Education in Madagascar is free and compulsory from the ages 6 to 13. As a result of increased educational access, enrollment rates have more than doubled between 1996 and 2006. Madagascar is sitting on 38th position in the world’s most peaceful countries ranking.

      4. Zambia

      Zambia is a land-locked country in southern Africa. Agriculture and mining play important roles in it’s economy. The country was ranked alongside Mauritius, Ghana and four other African countries in the 2015 Global peace Index. 

      In 2016, Zambia ranked 40th on the log. It is one of the most highly urbanized nations in sub-Saharan Africa. Though a Christian country, it has a wide variety of religious traditions, which are all well-respected.

      5. Sierra Leone

      After a decade-long civil war, the tide has changed and Sierra Leone has hit the ground running. Rich in diamond and other minerals, development and peace have been present in this West African nation since 2002. 

      Sierra Leone is regarded as one of the most religiously tolerant countries in the world. It’s the 42nd most peaceful country in the world

      6. Ghana

      Ghana is now among the continent’s top peaceful countries. The country has a unitary presidential constitutional democracy. The Global peace Index of 2015 placed Ghana behind other most peaceful nations in Africa. In 2016, the country is 44th in the table. Ghana has also seen two peaceful transition of power between political parties.

      7. Malawi

      Welcome to the ‘warm heart of Africa.’  Located in southeast Africa, the landlocked country is placed behind Ghana in the list of most peaceful countries. Ranked 45 in the world, Malawi is a democratic country currently under the leadership of Peter Mutharika.

      8. Namibia

      When you hear of the term "Unity in Diversity," think of Namibia. In this country, peace and stability reign supreme. The southwest African nation has effectively confronted and overcome the challenges caused by widespread conflict and instability. Namibia is ranked 55 in the world.

      9. Tanzania

      Here’s the 9th Peaceful country wedged between Kenya and Mozambique. It is home to Africa’s highest mountain, Kilimanjaro. It is the only East African country topping the log. It is ranked 58 in the world after Namibia. So if you are considering visiting a country free from conflicts in East Africa region, Tanzania is the best option for you.

      10. Equatorial Guinea

      Here’s the last country, the 10th most peaceful country based on the 2016 Global Peace Index. It’s a small country nestled on the west coast of Africa. It’s major mineral resource is crude oil.  It’s ranked 62nd most peaceful country in the world. 

      The Most Peaceful Countries in Africa in 2016

      RankNameWorld Rank
      1 Mauritius 23
      2 Botswana 28
      3 Madagascar 38
      4 Zambia 40
      5 Sierra Leone 42
      6 Ghana 44
      7 Malawi 45
      8 Namibia 55
      9 Tanzania 58
      10 Equatorial Guinea 62
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  • What does the length of your fingers reveal about your personality?

    It’s easy enough to do. Look at your hand and compare the length of your index and ring fingers. If...

    A) ...your index finger is shorter than your ring finger:

    Such people are very often attractive, easy to talk to, and charismatic. They are more decisive than others, inclined to take risks and cope well with unexpected problems. They can also sympathise with and feel compassion for those around them. Such people often turn out to be brilliant engineers and well as experts at solving crosswords!

    B) ...your index finger is longer than your ring finger:

    People whose index fingers are longer than their ring fingers are usually confident and self-reliant. They enjoy their own company, and intensely dislike having to waste their time on trivial matters. They aren’t usually willing to take the first step in any situation, be it a new business venture or in personal relationships. However, they put a high value on attentiveness and accept praise graciously.

    C) ...your index and ring fingers are the same length:

    These people are said to be peaceable, good-natured, and deeply dislike conflict situations. They are well organised and get on well with everyone. They’re also loyal to their friends and loved ones and are often devoted to their work. However, they have a short temper; even a small disagreement can lead to a serious argument. It’s better to take their side in any dispute rather than oppose them.

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  • This man has 13 wives! Unbelievable, but all are pregnant at the same time!


    This man has set a world record. He has 13 women and all were pregnant at the same time and in the same month.

    But that’s not all, they all say they are happy and happy like one big family. All are happy and due to pregnancy and good are mutually consistent. All good talking each other and help each other.

    We know that is very surprising, but it’s true.

    Source :

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