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  • Man Healed 5000 People From CANCER: This Is A Recipe That Kills All Types Of TUMOR In 90 Days


    A debate about the medical use of marijuana, led Rick Simpson to Belgrade. He is acclaimed for using cannabis to cure about 5,000 people with various forms of cancer and tumors.

    It is believed by Simpson that cannabis which has been used by natives for centuries can be effective in the treatment of various ailments like diabetes, epilepsy, arteriosclerosis, multiple sclerosis and cancer.


    Rick Simpson is a living example of the healing power of cannabis as he had cured himself 12 years ago of a very severe case of skin cancer, even though he is not a medical doctor.

    Rick Simpson had skin lesions on his face surgically operated on by doctors in 2002 but with no success. He was even told by the doctors that there was nothing else they could do.

    The lesions would reappear and Rick who had an interest in plant life was determined to find a solution to his problem. One day while observing his scars in a mirror he recalled a study he had heard on the effects of THC on cancer, this spurred him on to apply some cannabis oil on his scars and he then covered the scars up using bandages and then placed himself on observation.

    In just four days the scars were gone and his skin was clear and smooth again. Excitedly, he informed anyone who cared to listen how he had cured himself, however no one was interested in his “theory”. Rick said people just laughed at him and didn’t believe him one bit.

    Yet Rick was determined not to be ridiculed and to use his new found knowledge to help people with cancer.

    One interesting case he recalls is that of an 80 year old man who was bed ridden and dying of lung cancer. The man’s doctor had given him just 48 hours to live before his son took him to Rick.

    At the time the man was nearly breathing, he had open wounds on his leg and chemotherapy had made him swell up.

    Rick suggested a cannabis oil treatment which his son recommended to his father’s doctor that declined the use of this firm of therapy.

    The elderly man’s son then decided to take matters in his own hands and proceeded to administer cannabis oil to his father. Amazingly in 30 minutes his father’s breathing improved and he could breathe normally.

    The man’s son then checked his father out of the hospital and stopped administering his prescription drugs but rather continued the cannabis oil treatment.

    By the sixth week of therapy the elderly man stopped taking insulin shots as there was no more need for it and by the third month his lung cancer had completely gone.

    For the elderly man’s treatment Rick needed raw cannabis and so he started to cultivate marijuana which got him in trouble with the law as in just 3 years of cultivating the herb, his home had been raided four times by the police and he had also been threatened with jail time of between 5 to 40 years for claiming that he could use cannabis to cure cancer.

    Rick Simpson spent four days in jail before being charged with owning, cultivating and selling marijuana back in 2005 and only escaped a possible 12 year prison sentence with a 2,000 dollar fine.

    The irony was that some of the jurors consisted of people that had family members cured of cancer by Rick’s cannabis oil therapy.

    At the trial Rick was not allowed to present any evidence nor provide any of his patients testimony, it was a farce.

    In truth Rick never sold cannabis as a recreational drug, but instead as a curative recipe. On he posted his recipe which consists of several drops, to be administered three times everyday.

    Rick stares that he normally administers about 60 grams of cannabis oil daily and for 99 days in the treatment of cancer. He also said that cannabis oil can be administered at any stage of the cancer as it is never too late to do so.

    Rick Simpson also approves the smoking if marijuana as it us scientifically proven that people who do live six years longer than those who don’t, although it is not as effective as the cannabis oil.

    He Advocates that cannabis should be cultivated by anyone around the world and that pharmacies should readily have the herb available to anyone who wants to use it for medical purposes.

    He stated that a large number of people are not aware that cannabis has been used for centuries as an effective healing herb and that the only reason why this herb is being outlawed is because of the greed of the large pharmaceutical corporations who want to have unlimited control of the prescribed cancer medication and other drugs market.


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  • 4 reasons why pregnant lady/women need to have *** almost every day


    Every woman looks forward to conceiving her own child, they say the gift of motherhood is the greatest joy any woman can ever feel.

    While some women view pregnancy as a burden they must carry, others view the changes that occur in their bodies with awe.

    Pregnancy is not so easy, while carrying a child for nine months can be stressful, there are several perks attached that can help relieve the stress. You must have heard that $ex during pregnancy should be avoided, bla, bla, bla, truth is $ex during pregnancy might just be the best $ex you will ever have, which helps to strengthen the muscles she needs for labour and after delivery.

    1. Lowers Blood Pressure

    $ex during pregnancy helps to lower blood pressure. Oxytocin, also known as the love hormone released during $ex is a good stress reliever. All the built up tension will simply go away and this keeps your blood pressure at a healthy level. $ex makes the woman feel calmer and lowers the risk of heart attack.

    2. Enables Sound Sleep

    During pregnancy, women often experience all kinds of discomfort, from back pain to frequent urination, sleeping hour’s just gets shorter as the fetus grows in the womb. $ex during pregnancy is a good way of getting sound sleep because the woman feels more relaxed after having an o.rgasm.

    3. Increases Intimacy.


    The bond between husband and wife remains unbroken when they both have ex during pregnancy. Some live with the myth that women are very abrasive during this period, so they should be avoided.


    Truth is during pregnancy, the release of oxytocin which is also referred to as the bonding hormone boosts emotional attachment and makes pregnant women more sympathetic, supportive and trusting. Both partners get closer to each other and this definitely helps their love life.

    4. Reduces Pain

    Certain hormones like prolactin, oestrogenand progesterone, which increase blood flow to the pe.lvic area, including the vag.ina, increasing lubrication and sensitivity.

    The increased blood flow to the Va.gina can help reduce painful intercourse. Se.x during pregnancy will also help ripen the floor of the ce.rvix and this can reduce the pain of delivery.

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  • Take a Look at Your Navel! If You Have One of These Shapes You Might Want to Read THIS


    There are many little things and signs your body sends when it comes to diseases. It is important to recognize these signs because they are symptoms of some diseases and can save your life.

    This article will teach you how your navel shape can reveal if certain organs in your body function properly.

    Protruded, like a Button



    If your navel has this shape, you need to observe it in order not to become larger. If it is protruding more than usual, and you lifted something heavy lately, it is not normal and it is the first sign of hernia.


    Small Bump Shape


    People that have this naval shape are more prone to flu and viruses.



    Tucked Navel


    This navel shape may indicate problems with your digestive system. Also, in more cases, people with this navel shape have issues with weight. Also, it can result in constipation in some cases.



    Belly Button that Looks like an Almond


    People with this navel shape probably are suffering from a severe migraine and muscle and bone pain. Also, this navel shape can be a sigh of brittle bones.



    Navel Bulge with a Shape Like the Letter U


    People with this navel shape often have problems with skin and kidney diseases. Moreover, this navel shape can cause deformities in newborns.



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  • What your fingernails can tell you about your personality


    We’ve found an interesting personality quiz which can really tell you a lot about yourself. 

    It’s really quite simple. Have a look at your fingernails, and try to determine what shape they have, using the picture below to help you. If you can’t find your exact type, then just choose the one that’s the closest thing to what you have. Once you’ve found your type, read the description below and see if it matches your personality.



    Long and rectangular



    If your nails are best described as long and rectangular, then you are most likely a sociable, bubbly person with a good head on your shoulders. Whether it’s learning new facts or meeting new faces, you love fresh experiences and expanding your world.

    When it comes to work, «measure twice, cut once,» is your motto. You examine situations and problems from every angle, and you strive to always do the right thing. You’re meticulous and detailed, and you think everything through, right down to the nitty-gritty


    Broad and flat



    If you’d describe your nails as broad and flat, then you are no doubt a clear-headed, analytical person. Always careful to think before you speak, people often turn to you for your sound advice and keen observations. You’re a great judge of character, and your instincts can always be relied upon.

    Because you’re such a studious person, you tend to enjoy building and crafting. You love creating new things and having your hard work pay off. You value usefulness over beauty, and you love thinking up clever solutions to tricky problems.


    Short and round



    Since you’d describe your nails as short and round, you’re most likely a strong-minded, creative person with a dramatic flair. You radiate fun and excitement, so people are naturally drawn to you. Once you make a friend, you’re loyal for life, and you’d do anything to protect the people you love.

    There are few things you love more than a new challenge. Adventurous, bold, and fearless, when you set your mind to something, you never back down. Some might say you’re a bit pig-headed, but you can’t help it if you know what you want!


    Uneven and short




    Are your nails uneven and short — perhaps from biting? Then you’re probably an empathetic, observant person. You’re a very heartfelt soul, so when you say something, you mean it. You treasure openness and communication, and you tread carefully when making new friends.

    If your life had a motto, it would be, «Still waters run deep.» Though you often look placid on the surface, there’s a storm of feeling and thought brewing beneath. Because of this, when you speak, others listen. Your friends know they can always turn to you for the truth — even if it sometimes hurts.


    Square and even



    If your nails are square and even, it means you are a grounded, hardworking soul. A natural-born leader, you don’t take responsibility lightly. You’re often trusted with important tasks, because everyone knows they can count on you. When you do something, you do it right.

    Never one to take shortcuts, you’re always willing to do whatever it takes to get a job done — but that doesn’t mean you don’t know how to relax and have a good time. You might seem like a work horse, but there’s a fun-loving soul inside who loves a good party.





    Are your nails pointed and a bit triangular? This means you are a bold, decisive person who always knows what they want. You’re passionate and stubborn, so some might say you’re a firebrand — but you’ll take that as a compliment. You always know exactly what you want, and you’re not afraid to ask for it (or just get it yourself).

    When it comes to a work, your motto is, «Work smart, not hard» — so you tend to really think things through before approaching a task. But when it’s time to get started, you blaze right through it. Your hard work always pays off and looks great.


    Oval and long



    If your nails are oval and long, you are most likely a very creative person, someone who draws strength and inspiration from the natural world. You’re earthy and imaginative, and you’re happiest you’re when surrounded by beauty. Serene and gentle, people gravitate to you when their worlds are hectic and noisy.

    Some might say you tend to take on too much, but really, staying elbow-deep in projects makes you very happy — especially when it benefits others. You love to love, and you give with all your heart. You put your whole self into what you do, and that shows.


    Unique cuticle line



    If your nails are oval and long, you are most likely a very creative person, someone who draws strength and inspiration from the natural world. You’re earthy and imaginative, and you’re happiest you’re when surrounded by beauty. Serene and gentle, people gravitate to you when their worlds are hectic and noisy.

    Some might say you tend to take on too much, but really, staying elbow-deep in projects makes you very happy — especially when it benefits others. You love to love, and you give with all your heart. You put your whole self into what you do, and that shows.


    Unique cuticle line



    Do your nails have a unique or uneven cuticle line? It means you live off the beaten path. When it comes to your world — your clothes, your home, even your taste buds — you avoid «ordinary» like it’s the plague. You’re colorful and vibrant, and people always turn to you when they’re looking for a good time.

    It might seem backwards, but your motto should be «play hard, work harder.» When you’re having fun, your work ethic skyrockets, so you strive to make your tasks as enjoyable as possible. Because of this, nothing you do is boring.

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  • 3 easy steps to get rid of dark neck in 20 minutes



    Step 1 – Steaming


    Steaming will open your pores so you can easily remove dirt particleas and dead skin cells. Soak a towel in hot water and rub your neck with this towel for 2-3 minutes


    Step 2 – Exfoliation


    For this you need 3 tbsp of salt, in this add a tea spoon of baking soda. Now add 2 table spoon of olive oil. Your scrub is ready for use. Scrub your neck gently with this for 2 minutes. It will remive all dead skin cells and tanned skin


    Step 3 – Skin lightening pack


    You need


    Sandalwood poweder
    Lemon juice
    Cold raw milk


    Take sandalwood powder, add cold milk. Now add few drops of lemon juice. Once it is ready, apply this mask on your neck.


    Leave it for 15 minutes, rinse it off

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