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Health Tips

  • The Murderer Of Obesity Cummin




    The best way to lose weight is by speeding up the metabolism.

    There are natural foods that can accelerate and only if the spices are changed in the diet.

    2 Hunger is not the best choice when you want to lose weight.

    Kilograms are easy to melt when combined food and natural ingredients that stimulate metabolism are used.

    Scientists at the University of Medical Sciences in Iran have formed two groups, each consisting of 44 women who have problems with excess weight.

    3 months for women in both groups on healthy eating were advised and they consumed less than 500 calories per day.

    The first group has consumed 3 grams of powdered cumin a day, mixed with 140g of yogurt.

    Another group of women consumed the same amount of yogurt without the addition of cumin.

    After three months, the group who ate yogurt with cumin lost about 14 pounds compared to women who drank plain yogurt.

    Research is even more impressive when you consider the fact that the participants in the first group lost more fat 14.64 percent than the other group lost 4.91 percent fat.

    What matters is why the respondents were losing weight is that this spice contains filosterole, a chemical plant, known to prevent retention of cholesterol in the body. Scientists believe this is because cumin speeds up the metabolism.

    If you want to try this spice do not need to add it to yogurt, you can add to any dish. The specias can easily mix and enhance the flavor of dishes.

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  • MUST READ! Why You Should Pay Attention To Your Urine Colour



    Many of us do not pay detailed attention to our urine colour during urination, we are fixated on getting the liquid out of our bladder as quick as possible to return to our desk or bed.

    The colour of our urine can, however, give an indication of our health status. Abnormal colour of pee therefore, calls for attention.


    Normal Urine Colour
    All things being equal, the normal colour of the urine is pale yellow or gold. Water dilutes urine, drinking more water will therefore, give a light-yellow urine.

    1. Orange Colour
    With orange colour of urine, this could be as a result of some ingested drugs like
    antibiotics and vitamin B. Yellow colouration can also be an indication of damage to the liver.

    2. Red Colour
    Red to pink colouration might be an indication of blood in urine. Urine in blood can
    be a signal for urinary tract infections and kidney stones Red colour of urine can, however, be as a result of some medications.

    3. Green Or Blue Colour
    A greenish or blueish colouration of the urine can result from medicines or some foods taken. Urinary tract infection can also cause green urine.

    A blue urine colour can also be as a result of an inherited disorder called blue diaper syndrome. This is common in children

    4. Dark or Brown Colour
    This could been a sign of dehydration and there is need to drink more water.
    Dark or brown-coloured urine can also give an indication of liver disease.

    If you have not been taking notice of the colour of your urine, you may need to have a rethink.

    What To Do When You Notice Change In Your Urine Colour
    Seek medical help if there is a more than 24-hour change in your urine
    colour, which could not be connected to a food or drug you took took recently.

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  • Be Aware Of THIS: These 9 Changes On Your Tongue Reveal Almost All Your Diseases



    As surprising as it may sound, your tongue reveals a lot about your health. No wonder every doctor’s appointment start with tongue examination. 

    Even Chinese medicine agrees that the tongue can point to all diseases affecting a person. That’s why it’s recommended to consult an otorhinolaryngologist in case you notice changes in your tongue’s appearance. 

    For your reference, these 9 changes on the tongue can indicate health problems: 

    1. A thin white layer, apparent tooth marks and several red dots – these are the symptoms that point to a lack of energy in the body. This in turn leads to fatigue, poor appetite and excessive sweating. Lack of energy also affects a person’s mood and increases their anxiety.
    2. A thin yellow layer in the middle surrounded by the red surface of the tongue – such tongue appearance indicate digestive issues, dehydration as well as skin diseases. Also, people with these symptoms on their tongue suffer from frequent mood swings.
    3. Mass white layer with swollen edges of the tongue – this symptom is linked to improper function of the digestive system and susceptibility to water retention. People with this symptom often feel tired and lethargic.
    4. Black spots on purple surface – this points to a compromised circulatory system function, so people with this symptom can suffer from varicose veins, feeling of heaviness in their legs, headache, chest pain and dull skin.
    5. A thin white layer accompanied by a red tongue tip – this symptom indicates excessive exposure to stress resulting from an unstable emotional state. Also, the body energy is accumulated in the nodes causing inflammation.
    6. Red tongue with thick yellow layers in the middle – this points to an elevated body temperature, which may be the result of urinary tract infection or skin problems. People with this symptom are also often nervous because they feel uncomfortable in their body.
    7. A thick white layer in the middle of a pale swollen tongue – this appearance indicates an infection or inflammation linked to an autoimmune disease, or vitamin and mineral deficiencies. This condition causes a pale complexion, spinal pain and a feeling of panic.
    8. Cracks on a red tongue surface – this points to a fungal infection in the body, and is often accompanied by night sweats, sleeplessness and irritability.
    9. A pale tongue without deposits – this symptom suggests reduced blood flow in the body, and possibly anemia, which in turn leads to dizziness and exhaustion. People with this symptom often lack focus and memory. In women, such tongue can indicate a possible hormonal imbalance.
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  • No One Ever Told You Onions Could Do These Miraculous Things!

    Onions are a natural cure for many health problems. It is the best remedy for severe vomiting and as a general antibiotic that can boost your immune system.
    The onion is from the allium family and is rich in sulfur providing the onion with its antibiotic and antiseptic properties. Onion is also extremely high in antioxidant Querectin which helps the body to fight free radicals.
    Natural Cures. Respiratory conditions respond well to onion juice as it is a great expectorant. Onions are good for cholesterol levels, heart, arthritis, a great antioxidant, and good for diabetes due to its flavonoid and sulfur compounds. Onions have been used as a standard treatment for thousands of years.


    Breakup chest congestion- Crush an onion within coconut oil. Coat the chest with onion paste and cover the chest with a dish towel then a shirt.

    •Colic- Cherokee Indian recipe for colic babies: Boil a small amount of diced yellow onion in water. Let the onion cool in the water then drain. Feed a teaspoon of the onion tea to the baby every hour until the baby appears to have some relief.

     •Ear pain/infection – Chop onion and put them into a thin sock and tie the sock closed. Place the flattened onion sock over the troubled ear and cover the head/ear/sock with a hat to hold the sock in place. Remove when pain is gone.

    Cuts- The transparent film of the onion skin will stop moderate bleeding immediately. It also acts as an antiseptic for the wound.

     Cough- Peel a large onion and slice in half. Cover the face of each onion with 1 tablespoon of brown sugar and cover the onions for one hour. The sugar/onion relish should be taken twice a day to help with the cough.
    •Fever- Slice an onion into thin slices. Rub the bottom of the feet with coconut oil. Put a thin slice into the arch of each foot and wrap with cling wrap. Cover the onion/feet with sock over night to allow the onion to draw out toxins and the illness from the body.
    •Cleanse the air- Place slices of onion on plates throughout your house to purify the air of viruses and bacteria.
    •Vomiting- Grate 1 white or yellow onion. Press the onion juice from the onion wrapped in a cheesecloth. Brew a strong cup of peppermint tea and let it cool. Drink 2 teaspoons of the onion juice and wait 5 minutes. Drink 2 teaspoons of the cool peppermint tea and wait 5 minutes. Repeat both the onion juice and peppermint tea until the symptoms subside. Vomiting should stop immediately and the nausea should go away within 15 minutes.

    Rub a cut onion on you to repel bugs
    Onion juice rubbed into your hair promotes growth
    Onion juice repels moths
    Boiled and cooled onion juice sprayed onto plants repels pests
    Rub an onion slice into the face of an iron to prevent rusting
    Polish copper and glassware with an onion slice
    Rub a cut onion on you to prevent freckling
    The Native Americans have used onion to treat colds and flu for centuries. Even the World Health Organization has recognized the ability of onion to relieve coughs, congestion, bronchitis and respiratory infections.

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  • 23 Home Remedies to Cure Toothache


    Odontalgia, or in simple words, toothache, is a less frequent but severe pain in or around the tooth and jaws. When a person suffers from this debilitating pain, all he wants is to get rid of it anyhow. The severity of a toothache can range from mild to throbbing and to excruciating. There are various reasons that cause toothache.


    Tooth decay
    Infected gums
    Sensitive teeth
    Abscessed tooth
    Wisdom tooth
    Tooth fracture
    Pulpitis or swelling in the dental pulp
    A damaged filling
    Tight dental braces
    Breakdown of tooth enamel
    Repetitive motions, such as grinding teeth or chewing gum

    Swelling around the tooth
    Throbbing and sharp pain in tooth
    Headache or fever
    Stinking drainage from the infected tooth
    Natural Home Remedies for Toothache

    You should consult your dentist to get a permanent cure for your toothache. But, if it is not possible to rush to the dental professional immediately, it is advisable to take some natural home-made remedial measures to reduce the ache to some extent.

    1. Saline Water Swirl around inside your mouth the solution of warm water mixed with a full heap of salt, for as long as you can. Repeat as many times as needed. This is the quick and the best remedy for wisdom toothache and pain causing due to a broken tooth.

    2. Hydrogen Peroxide

    Use hydrogen peroxide as a mouthwash. As it tastes too bitter, dilute it with a bit of water.

    3. Apple Cider Vinegar

    Soak a cotton ball in apple cider vinegar and hold it on the paining tooth for relief. If it is not available, regular household vinegar can also be used. 4. Vanilla Extract

    Drench a small ball of cotton in vanilla extract and hold it on the affected place. Extract of peppermint, lemon, and almond also have the same effect. This is a natural treatment for toothache.

    5. Oil of Oregano

    Oil of oregano can either be mixed with warm water or olive oil. Dip a cotton ball in the mixture and place it on the aching tooth.

    6. Tea Tree Oil

    Rinse your mouth with 5-6 drops of tea tree oil in warm water. Alternatively, the oil can also be used directly. Just put a drop or two on a cotton ball and keep it on the affected area.

    7. Alcohol

    A bit of whiskey, brandy, scotch, or vodka can also be used as a natural home remedy for toothache. A strong mouthwash that contains alcohol will also be helpful. 8. Ginger Root

    Chew a fresh piece of ginger to fix the tooth pain. Ginger soothes the toothache to a large extent.

    9. Garlic or Potato

    Either a plain clove of garlic or smashed garlic mixed with salt can be settled inside the cheek to get some relief from throbbing tooth pain.

    10. Lime

    A juicy wedge of lime can also be applied. Alternatively, bite a slice of lemon to get instant relief.

    11. Peppermint Leaves

    Dried or fresh peppermint leaves can be chewed to get relief from pain. It is an effective home remedy.

    12. Onion

    Freshly cut onion can be placed on the area. Else, extract the juice of onion and apply on the troubled tooth with a cotton ball. Onion is a natural remedy to fix up the throbbing toothache. Onion is also considered as a natural antibiotic for curing tooth infection.

    13. Plantain Leaves, Guava Leaves and Spinach Leaves

    Chew up anyone of these leaves fresh or apply the macerated leaf on the problem area. This is also a natural remedy to get rid of the toothache. A mouth wash can also be made by boiling guava leaves in water mixed with salt.

    14. Cayenne Pepper

    Make a paste of cayenne pepper and water. Apply the mixture on the affected area.

    15. Cucumber

    Fresh piece of cucumber can also be used as a natural cure for toothache by placing it on the sore tooth. A cold piece of cucumber gives fast relief in the intolerable pain of tooth. Remember, if you have sensitive teeth; do not use the refrigerated piece.

    Alternatively, mashed cucumber mixed with salt can also be applied on the affected area.

    16. Baking Soda

    The mixture of baking soda with a little water can also be applied on the paining tooth. A mouth rinse can also be made by mixing a heap of baking soda in a glass of lukewarm water. Let the soda dissolve completely in the water and swish the solution in your mouth.

    17. Teabag

    The warm used teabag just after preparing a cup of tea can be placed on the sore area as the tannins inside the tea leaves are a natural cure to help numb the things.

    18. Cloves

    Settle a dry stalk of clove onto the tooth. This is a helpful remedy in fixing up the toothache. A drop of clove oil or thick paste of ground clove with water or olive oil can also be used. Clove oil is an effective natural cure for fixing toothache from a broken tooth.

    Note: Too much clove oil can be toxic.

    19. Ice Pack/Hot Compress

    To anaesthetize the throbbing tooth, wrap cubes of ice in a towel or cloth and hold over the cheek. If you don’t feel relief, opt for a hot compress. This process is considered as one of the best pain relievers for wisdom toothache.

    Note: Make sure that you have a cloth between ice and your cheek while doing the cold compress. While practicing hot compress, water should not be too hot; otherwise, it may injure your skin.

    20. Asafoetida

    Warm a pinch of asafoetida in lemon juice and with the help of a cotton pad; apply the solution on the affected area. This natural cure will provide immense relief from the severe tooth pain as well as bleeding gums.

    21. Wheatgrass

    Simply chewing of wheatgrass leaves or using wheatgrass juice as a mouthwash is also helpful in fighting with toothache. Wheatgrass juice absorbs the toxins from gums, reduces bacteria, and avoids contamination.

    22. Potato

    Take a fresh raw potato. Peel it and cut into pieces. Put these pieces on the aching tooth. Else, crush the peeled potato piece and sprinkle some salt on it. Then, put it inside the cheek on the troubled tooth.

    23. Black Pepper

    Mix black pepper with salt. Keep it in your mouth. You will feel relief.

    Homeopathic Treatment

    In addition of curing the severe toothache with natural and homemade remedies, there are certain homeopathic treatments and allopathic painkillers that can bring you instantaneous relief. The best allopathic pain relievers for toothache are Aspirin, Anadin, Ibuprofen, Nurofen, and Paracetamol.

    Some homeopathic medicines that are useful in soothing the toothache are:

    1. Arnica : This medicine can be consumed before or after the dental surgery or tooth extraction.

    2. Belladonna : This is a valuable medicine at the time of beginning of the severe toothache, and when there is swelling and redness in the gums.

    3. Coffea : This is helpful in making the children relieved from extreme toothache. This medicine helps to cure the problem of restlessness and sleeplessness due to pain.

    4. Hepar Sulphur : This medicine is helpful when there is a severe toothache just by a minor touch and exposure to cold drinks, air or food.

    5. Hypericum : Good for injuries caused to the front teeth and helps children to alleviate shooting pain due to infection and injury.

    6. Ruta : This medicine is useful before and after the extraction of the tooth.

    Note: Before consuming any medicine, it is advisable to the readers to consult a dentist for proper dosage and treatment.

    Red Cross Toothache Kit

    For providing quick relief from toothache, a Red Cross toothache medication kit is also available in the market. It contains natural Eugenol, cotton pellets, metal tweezers, and toothache medication. The active ingredient in the Red Cross toothache kit is 85% Eugenol, and the inactive ingredient is sesame oil.

    The directions of usage are written on the packet of Red Cross kit, which should be considered while consumption.

    Warning: This toothache kit isnot advisable for people allergic to Eugenol (clove oil). Do not use it for more than seven days and do not exceed the limit of usage. Do not swallow and if swallowed, seek medical assistance right away or contact a Poison Control Centre.

    Can tooth pain be prevented?

    It is said “prevention is better than cure”, so it must be the conscious efforts of everyone to practice proper oral care methods to circumvent any serious troubles in the future.

    There are certain measures that should be taken to head off bigger tooth problems. These are:

    Avoidance of unnecessary chewing of solid foods and candies.
    Acidic beverages must be taken with the help of straw.
    Direct exposure of teeth to ice must be avoided as it can cause tooth fracture.
    Brush regularly with fluoride-containing toothpaste.
    Flossing must be done at least once daily.
    Consume foods, which are low in sugar and less sweet.
    Visit the dentist twice a year for routine check up.
    Avoid consuming very acidic food.
    Tips to Relieve the Pain from a Cracked or Broken Tooth

    Apply over-the-counter temporary fillings in order to seal the hole or crack.
    The inflammation of the nerve of the broken or cracked tooth is very excruciating. To reduce the pressure in the region of toothache, keep your head elevated while sleeping.
    To remove plaque and food particles, floss between the broken or cracked teeth. source:

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