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Ethiopian News

  • Heavily armed Ethiopian troops entered S. Sudan: eyewitness


    May 3, 2016 (BOR) – Heavy armed Ethiopian troops entered South Sudan territory in search of children abducted in last month’s raid in the Horn of Africa nation, sources said.

    An eyewitness said he witnessed over 20 tanks and Armored Personnel Carriers (APCs) patrolling areas in Pochalla town.


    “A lot of troops from Ethiopia slept in Pochalla and in the morning of May 3, they started their journey toward the direction of Pibor, with heavy weapons. We also saw, this morning, jet fighters, flying over from the direction of Gambella towards Pibor and returned. They come to look for their abducted children”, said the eyewitness.

    The Boma state coordinator in Juba said he was informed about the presence of Ethiopian troops, who were in different places, including Jebel Raat, Akobo and Pochalla.

    “The Ethiopian troops are either in or around these areas right now,” Gabriel Amokori told Sudan Tribune on Tuesday.

    He, however, said the Boma state governor and South Sudan government were in all contact with their Ethiopian counterparts regarding the fate of the children abducted.
    “Our government is telling the Ethiopian government to hold on a bit so that the children are searched for and handed over to them [Ethiopians]”, said Amakori.

    The Boma state information minister, Julius James Otong, said he had heard about the entry of the Ethiopian troops into Boma state territory, but said her office had not got full information about their whereabouts over the last two days.

    “I heard about them, but I have not got full information about where they are today,” said Otong.

    According to the minister, state authorities, with the help of the area local chiefs had managed to rescue 32 children from Likuangole county through a village-to-village search.

    “The president issued an order that the abducted children from Ethiopia should be collected and returned to their families. So the deputy governor went and met the chiefs in Likuangole to bring the children. So the chief went and brought 32 children. These children are still in our hands in Likuangole. We want to hand them over to UN so that they are flown back to their area in Gambella,” said the minister.

    “We still expect more children to be recovered from Likuangole so the search is ongoing in villages”, she added.

    Likuangole, bordering Akobo to the north, Uror to north-west, Duk and Twic East counties to the west, is the home area of the governor of Boma state, Baba Medan Konyi.


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  • [ - Breaking News - ] South Sudan: 32 kidnapped Ethiopian children recovered

    JUBA, South Sudan (AP) — Authorities in South Sudan said they have recovered 32 of the 125 Ethiopian children who the Ethiopian government said were abducted from its Gambela region two weeks ago during a deadly cattle raid blamed on a South Sudanese militia.




    Ogato Chan, acting governor of South Sudan's Boma state which borders Gambela, told Associated Press Saturday that local chiefs collected the children from three villages in Likuangole County where the raiders had dropped them off. Chan said the recovered children will be brought to state capital Pibor then sent to Juba to be repatriated to Ethiopia.

    "The chiefs are looking for the rest of the children," he said.

    Ethiopia's government said 208 people died in the April 15 raid and blamed the attack on an ethnic Murle militia from South Sudan.

    In Ethiopia, Gambela regional president Gatluak Tut told AP he has not been notified about the recovery of the children.

    Deadly cattle raids and abductions of children are common along the border of South Sudan and Ethiopia between the Murle in South Sudan and the Nuer and Anyuak tribes who live in both countries. Children are sometimes kidnapped to look after stolen cows.


    AP writer Elias Meseret in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia contributed to this report.






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  • Breaking: A huge accident around Semit area

    An accident involving a Sinotruck vehicle has just occurred in Semit area. It is unclear if there are any casualties at the moment. We managed to capture a couple of photos from the scene as people started to gather around.



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