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Ethiopian News

  • Prime Minister expresses sadness over loss of lives at Irreecha

    Ethiopian Prime MinisterImage: Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn

    Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn extended condolences over the death of people because of violence occurred at the thanksgiving festival of the Oromo people, Irreecha, today.

    The Prime Minister expressed sadness over the loss of lives at the festival that promotes peace, stability and tolerance.

    Hailemariam expressed sorrow over the death of 52 people at the festival, which was going smoothly until the violence started. He said this shouldn’t happen at a festival that signifies tolerance and unity.

    Noting that spectators were converging on Bishoftu since early in the morning to take part in the observance, Hailemariam said the festival was peaceful.

    Here is the Message for Ethiopian People

    But, the peaceful celebration has turned into a violence that took the lives of many people, because of the violence instigated by anti-peace elements, he added.

    Instigating violence on the day that the Oromo people thank their creator is an activity against the principle of the Oromo and an act that undermines identity of the people, he added.

    Saying the government will bring the perpetrators of this act into justice, the Premier called on the Oromo people to stand with the government.

    Noting that the government has exerted maximum effort to control the situation peacefully, he appreciated the police for the work they have done. ENA

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  • Bishoftu Hospital confirms stampede, suffocation caused

    Bishoftu HospitalImage Shows Victims at the Irreecha Festival

    Bishouftu Hospital, where many of the victims of the Irrecha stampede treated, confirmed that the stampede and suffocation lead to deaths and injuries.

    Manager of the hospital, Desalegn Baissa told reporters that the loss of lives were caused due to falling into ditches surrounding the lake and suffocation from a huge number of people turned up at the annual event.

    There were no bullet wounds or gun related deaths, the manager said, also confirming the death of 55 people, including 10 females.

    According to Dessalegn, people died on spot as they fell into ditches while fleeing the stampede.

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    Some 100 revelers returned home after getting treatment for major and minor injuries while four others remained for additional treatment, of which two were referred to Addis Ababa.

    Aman Beshir, one of the victims, said he is getting better after treatments he received at the hospital.

    On duty physician Dr. Mandefro Kisi also confirmed that the deaths and injuries were all due to the stampede since many fell into ditches and their bodies were covered in dust and mud.

    Sunday’s annual Irrecha festival was interrupted following the chaotic situation orchestrated by anti-peace elements, the government said, expressing condolence to the victims and the bereaved.

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